Urban Daze

100% cotton. Regular Fit.
Monochromatic screen print on visor.


  1. Water color

    Watercolor ink is the most environmentally friendly as it does not require additional heat supply. Additionally, the comfort of watercolor ink is optimal due to the light, less noticeable color layer.

  2. Cotton

    We use both 100% certified organic cotton and cotton according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. We ensure that the cotton of our textiles doesn’t come from countries that tolerate child labor.

  3. Fair trade, fair labor

    We take great care to ensure transparency throughout our supply chain. All of the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with have adopted The Global Organic Standard, which guarantees the health and well-being of the farmers and field workers. Under this standard, all factory employees must have acceptable working conditions and receive the legal minimum salary. We are strictly against child labor and unfair working conditions.

  4. Made in EU

    This product is made in EU. This ensures a high standard of working conditions of all involved partners.

100% cotton. Regular Fit.
Monochromatic screen print on visor.

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