Here we are.
The city is our Great Love; or, in other words, it is our way of life. We all, however, fantasize of leaving her for a little bit – taking off to Bali for three months, escaping to the lake over the weekend, or skating in the evening on deserted asphalt. Freedom manifests itself in the most diverse forms. Similarly, our designs and prints are also characterized by the ethos of the young generation – we speak the language of escape and “breaking away.”

What defines Manaliso? A combined lifestyle of surfing, skating and urban living. What brings us all together? Movement and the outdoors.

our roots in the city
our roots in the sea



Where we’re going.
We produce fair and sustainable clothing. Not surprising to most, since sustainability has become the must-have fashionable seal of many labels. A trend that is, unfortunately, used too often only for self-promotion. This is exactly what we’re not about.
We believe that we not only have to produce our products sustainably, but also have to be aware of our responsibility as a label throughout the supply chain. Sustainability should be a part of our lifestyle – simply labeling something as ‘eco’ is not the end of the story.


About us.
Talking about ourselves so openly is often uncomfortable, but we know that people value authenticity. That is why we are open to introducing ourselves to you and briefly telling you who we are not: we are not a big company, we are not financed by external donors and we are not the ‘hip norm.’
We are not merely two people; “we” is the whole tribe! It is the surfers and skaters who support us, who know us – ones that often aren’t captured in photos or acknowledged publicly – it is the close friends who ‘like’ each photo on Facebook that we post, it is our uncle Werner, our mom and her best friend…maybe it is you, too.