100% organic cotton. Regular fit.
Bicolored screen print on the chest.

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  1. Discharge color

    Printing with discharge color substitutes the existing pigments of the textile with the new ones. As such, the colors can sink deep into the garment and will not form a new layer of ink on top of the textile. Garments that use this ink may have a particular scent that wears off after the first wash.

  2. Organic cotton

    We set stringent environmental criteria for the entire production line, including limiting the use of chemicals and ensuring fair labor and fair trade.

  3. Green Footprint

    All the manufacturers that we work with feel the need to conduct business in an environmentally responsible way. They employ only ecologically harmless resources and use evironmentally-friendly and sustainable post-processing. We believe that the ecological sourcing and production of our products in evironmentally-friendly factories with lower CO2 emissions also increases the safety of the fabrics and colors for your health and well-being.

  4. Fair trade, fair labor

    We take great care to ensure transparency throughout our supply chain. All of the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with have adopted The Global Organic Standard, which guarantees the health and well-being of the farmers and field workers. Under this standard, all factory employees must have acceptable working conditions and receive the legal minimum salary. We are strictly against child labor and unfair working conditions.

100% organic cotton. Regular fit.
Bicolored screen print on the chest.

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