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Parrot’s Cove

85% organic cotton. 15% synthetic fiber. Regular fit.
7-colored screen print on the chest.

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  1. Fair labor

    Currently, we are working with production partners in the European Union (Portugal and Germany) and Turkey. To be certain about the working conditions, we keep a personal contact to our partners and visit them constantly or trust on high working condition standards like in Germany. We take great care to ensure transparency throughout our supply chain. The base for all our collection was always trusting at least on strict certificates such as FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) or GOTS if a personal contact was not possible, which guarantee the health and well-being of the farmers and field workers. Under this standards, all factory employees must have acceptable working conditions and receive the legal minimum salary. We are strictly against child labor and unfair working conditions.

  2. Green Footprint

    We try to keep our footprint as green as possible by constantly rethinking our processes from the growing of cotton or other materials to the final shipping. We motivate all the manufacturers that we work with to conduct business in an environmentally responsible way, to employ only ecologically harmless resources and use evironmentally-friendly and sustainable post-processing. We believe that the ecological sourcing and production of our products in evironmentally-friendly factories with lower CO2 emissions also increases the safety of the fabrics and colors for your health and well-being.

  3. Organic cotton

    Organic cotton is grown under organic principles which means no use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

  4. Plastisol Color

    Phthalate-free Plastisol ink is used if the garment pattern contains many colors. This ink process produces more waste and is therefore used as seldomly as possible.

  5. Water color

    Watercolor ink is the most environmentally friendly as it does not require additional heat supply. Additionally, the comfort of watercolor ink is optimal due to the light, less noticeable color layer.


85% organic cotton. 15% synthetic fiber. Regular fit.
7-colored screen print on the chest.

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